My Newest Kitchen Toy

There’s no snow on the ground yet, but the first Christmas gift has made its way beneath my tree.  I may have put it there myself, but I’m still counting it!  I’m all grown up, but I’m still a sucker for toys — although the adult me likes kitchen toys.  My gift of choice this year?  A new meat thermometer!  Exciting right?  I’ve never actually had one, but considering the amount of meat I’ve been cooking lately, I thought it was about time I got one.  Plus I had a 20% off coupon at Meijer I hated to waste — kinda like throwing money away, right?

Here’s the one I picked:

My newest toy. Does everything but turn the oven off!

The thermometer got its maiden voyage while roasting my leg of lamb the other day.  I used to think meat thermometers were for sissies.  A true cook should just know when the meat is perfectly done, right?  I am a bit of a moron at times.  After using the thermometer just once, I don’t know how I’ve cooked meat without one!  It did everything but turn the oven on and off for me.  You just set it for the type of meat and the level of doneness you want and it beeps you when it gets close to the right temperature and again when it hits the temperature.  Don’t like the temperature options it provides? No problem, just custom adjust the settings.  You can even wander around the house getting other things done, because it comes with a handy portable pager unit that you can wear around your neck or clip to your belt.   As an extra special bonus, it also doubles as a kitchen timer.  How much would you pay?  If you act now, we’ll also through in a set of Ginsu knives!

O.K., perhaps I’m a little overly excited by a meat thermometer.  Can you imagine what I’d be like if I could afford a Vitamix or Soux Vide or an iPad?  Technically an iPad isn’t a kitchen toy, but I could open cookbooks on it and pretend it was.

While the thermometer is cool and still shines with the glow of newness, it’s not my all-time favorite.  My Kitchen Aid stand mixer holds the top place in my heart.   What is your all time favorite kitchen toy?   Respond below and let me know.


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